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FOREVERFIT is a Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Home Fitness Equipment Industry.
We have been offering our customers high quality HOME and LIGHT COMMERCIAL fitness equipment and accessories since 1988.

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Commercial Strength Equipment

AMZ offers Function Strength,Bench,Multi Jungle,Rack for Commercial use

Commercial Cardio Equipment

AMZ offers Motorized Treadmill, Curve Treadmill,Spin Bike,Magnetic Bike,Elliptical Trainer,Recumbent Bike for Commercial use.

Commercial Crossfit Rig

AMZ offers Multi Function Machines for commercial use.

Home Cardio Equipment

FOREVERFIT offers various HOME & LIGHT COMMERCIAL cardio equipment in series such as elliptical trainer, exercise bike, stepper, rower, spin bike, treadmill, and fitness bike.

Home Strength Equipment

FOREVERFIT offers various HOME & LIGHT COMMERCIAL strength equipment in series such as home gym, weight bench, and utility bench.

Abdominal Trainers

FOREVERFIT offers various HOME fitness equipment as seen on TV. Available items & products are ab rocket, air climber, ab king pro, ab coaster, power plank, push up bar, ab circle, and leg magic. They are are space saving, easy for storage, and widely used for indoor exercise.

Fitness Accessories

FOREVERFIT offers various fitness accessories such as TRX (multi-trainer), door gym, hand grip, puller, gym bar, push up, toning tube, exercise wheel, aerobic step, yoga mat, gym ball, hula loop, door gym, and weight bag. They are excellent for muscle training activities.

Vibration Machine

FOREVERFIT offers vibration exercise machine in series such as vibration platform, and vibration plate. Vibration training benefits greatly to the body.


Our Massager offers Foot Massager Machine,Massage Chair Machine for Home Use and Commercial use

Home Sauna

With Sauna, you may benefit from perspiration by increasing your blood circulation during different heat sessions.


Result 1 - 10 of 10

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