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07Feb 2018
07Feb 2018
07Feb 2018
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18Feb 2016
2016 TaiSPO

Taipei International Sporting Goods Show Promoting Industry Development through Innovation

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18Feb 2016
2016 Taiwan Trade Mission to Peru

‣For APEC, TPP and the Pacific Union member states. ‣In recent years, GDP growth rates were higher than the overall growth in Latin America, although the growth rate slowed down, remain potential.

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18Feb 2016
2016 Taiwan Trade Mission to Brazil

China has always been an important market for the region’s exports in Taiwan. Therefore, this year, not only Brazil is one of China's most important trade partners, it is also one of the key markets in Latin America.With the Olympic Games held in 2016, experts predict that imports and consumptions will be stimulated in Brazil due to its massive population of more than 200 million people. Brazil’s vast territory and abundant resources has made it a huge market in international trade in which many countries are targeting for.--- Trade Magazine 2015/3/31

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17Feb 2016
Exposición Comercial Internacional 2016

EXPOCOMER is the longest and most inportante multisectorial exhibitions fair in Pananma and the region. In EXPOCOMER you will be able to get in touch with more than 600 manufacturers from 35 diferent countries.

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24Jan 2016

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15Oct 2015
08Oct 2015
01Oct 2015
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