Gym Ball

Foreverfit provides fitness equipment with excellent quality. It's the symbol of fitness.

Home Gym

Home Gym

Home Gym or stack gym exercise is a physical activity to enhance the strength effectively by adjusting the resistance of the well-equipped weight stacks according to one's need.

Magnetic Bike

Magnetic Bike

A HOME & LIGHT COMMERCIAL Magnetic Bike is a stationary bike that works on a magnetic resistance to provide a cardiovascular workout. Various levels of resistance can easily be adjusted.


Gym Ball


Fitball Yoga/Yoga ball/Stability Ball/Swiss Ball

Improve your balance and flexibility with Gym Ball activities.


  • Size: 55 / 65 / 75 / 85 cm in diameter.
  • Gym ball is also known as yoga ball, balance ball, fitness ball.
  • Can be used in Yoga, Pilates, and Fusion Exercise Activities.
  • Features a durable, burst-resistant shell.
  • Deflates slowly when air is released.

Packaging Information

  • Carton Size (L x W x H): (A) 65 x 36 x 25cm (B) 65 x 36 x 25cm (C) 44 x 36 x 25cm (D) 44 x 36 x 25cm
  • N.W.: (A) 10kg (B) 11kg (C) 8kg (D) 9.6kg
  • G.W.: (A) 11.5kg (B) 12.5kg (C) 10.5kg (D) 11.5kg
  • 20' (sets): (A) 5760 (B) 5760 (C) 5720 (D) 5720
  • 40' (sets): (A) 11940 (B) 11940 (C) 11720 (D) 11720
  • 40' HQ (sets): (A) 13920 (B) 13920 (C) 13720 (D) 13720